Results of Parent Manager Election 2017-18


Counting of ballot papers for Parent Manager Election 2017-18 was finished in the evening of 28 April 2017. The results are as follows: 

1. Number of votes:
   (1) Ms. LEE Cheung Pui Sindy Cat – 259 votes;
   (2) Ms. NG Sze Wing – 88 votes;
   (3) Ms. YANG Sze Man Sarah – 380 votes
2. Number of ballot papers returned:744
3. Number of voided ballot papers:17
4. Voting percentage:21.3 % 

Ms. YANG Sze Man Sarah is the Parent Manager of the next term and Ms. LEE Cheung Pui Sindy Cat is the Alternate Parent Manager, effective from 1 June 2017. 

(If parents have any objections to the results of the election, a written appeal can be sent to the Returning Office within the first week after the results were announced.)