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The Foundation Stage is a two-year stage designed to cultivate motivations for and pleasures in learning. The design of the curriculum takes full account of the development of students’ multiple intelligences, which cover the linguistic, logical-mathematical, musical, spatial, bodily-kinaesthetic, intra-personal, inter-personal and naturalistic aspects in terms of knowledge, skills and attitude. Students participate in activities that develop and strengthen their faculties of thinking, expressing, creating and organising. Taking departure from subject-based study in traditional schools, learning activities encourage students to integrate knowledge and their own experience. Our curriculum encourages curiosity and self-motivated learning — it stimulates students’ desire to explore, ask questions and to know more by themselves. During the process of learning and teaching, continuous assessments of students’ learning abilities and progress will be conducted. The assessments will provide timely evaluation as well as informative feedback for both teachers and parents. With this, the possible undesirable psychological impact of traditional tests and dictations could be avoided.

There are no traditional textbooks for students. Instead, carefully selected authentic and interesting materials of different forms will be used. The school has arranged with an Internet Services Provider to give discount to students to use its platform to build their own homepages. Using broadband Internet connections, parents can also download recorded video footage of their children’s learning activities and see how their children are doing at school. In addition to conventional writing exercises, students will learn to complete assignments on the web. Students will also learn to access related reference materials in both Chinese and English. They will be using Putonghua and English as they participate in different learning sessions and activities. With Chinese culture as the basis, the school will systematically facilitate multicultural encounters for our students so as to increase their exposure.