2018 IB Examination Results


IB Examination Results

The Hong Kong Chinese Christian Churches Union Logos Academy (“Logos Academy”) provides an eleven-year “through-train” primary and secondary education. We are very proud of our IB graduates who have been striving to become inquiring, knowledgeable and caring individuals. Through intercultural understanding and respect, our students have been pursuing their life goals built on truth, benevolence and beauty. Their growth is well observed in spiritual, moral, cognitive, aesthetic, physical and social aspects.

With concerted efforts of all Logosians, our sixth cohort of IB students has sat the May 2018 examination with encouraging results. The following table illustrates the overall performance of our fifty-eight IB graduates:

May 2018 IB Examination Results (Sixth Cohort of IB Students)

  IB graduates
from Logos Academy
(May 2017)
40 points or above 29.3% 10.1%
35 points or above 75.9% 33.9%
30 points or above 93.1% 68.2%
Mean Score 36.8 29.9


Despite their young age, six students have obtained 43 points and two students have got 42 points.

Congratulations to all our IB graduates. We hope they will continue to develop their potential, help create a better and more peaceful world and contribute to the well-being of mankind in the future.