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I. About Us / Aims & MissionII. News and EventsIII. Plan for NSS DSE / IBDP (For MS1-MS2)IV. Further Studies (MS4)V. Career EducationVI. Aptitude TestVII. Useful linksVIII. Careers and Life Planning Teachers

I. About Us / Aims & Mission

There are three major concerns were set for the Careers and Life Planning Team of the school and a series of implementation plans was carried out:

  1. To raise students’ awareness of the importance of the life-long career development planning
  2. To assist students to make wise and informed decision on further studies with reference to their interests, abilities and orientations
  3. To enhance students’ career-related competencies/skills in order to prepare them for further studies and work


II. News and Events


III. Plan for NSS DSE / IBDP (For MS1-MS2)

The school offers the curricula of the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) in parallel in MS3-MS4.

HKDSE Curriculum

  • Most students will continue to study 3 of the elective subjects studied
  • Need to ensure that good matching between ability, interests and cognitive demand
  • Students need to work hard to do well in challenging elective subjects

HKDSE Subjects:

IB Curriculum:

IB Elective Subjects:

Attitude towards study, instead of choices of curriculum, will ultimately affect academic performance


IV. Further Studies (MS4)

i. Local University

The eight institutions sponsored by University Grants Committee (UGC) provide UGC funded full-time bachelor’s degree programmes as below:

For details, please refer to Life Planning Information at

ii. Other Education and training 其他教育及訓練

MS4 graduates may choose to apply for sub-degree programmes in post-secondary education institutions including associate degree programmes and higher diploma programmes (which can be divided into government-funded and self-financing programmes). Upon completion of the courses and meeting the specified requirements, graduates can pursue top-up / articulation degree programmes locally or overseas.

For locally-accredited self-financing post-secondary programmes, graduates with Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) Examination results can apply through Electronic Advance Application System for Post-secondary Programmes (E-App) or directly to individual institutions.

For details, please refer to Life Planning Information at

iii. Non-local 非本地

MS4 graduates may pursue their studies overseas in such countries as Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and Switzerland and so on.

For details, please refer to Life Planning Information at


V. Career Education

i. Career Planning

ii. Career-related Experience

Visit to Hong Kong International Aviation Academy

I have always thought about a career in the aviation industry and I am thankful to the school for giving me another chance to visit the HKIA. Although I already knew most of the things we learnt today, the visit to the airside was definitely still exciting and inspiring. I hope the school can arrange trips like this more frequently in the future.
I really enjoyed this visit because it gave me a new perspective about the aviation industry. I didn’t realise that there are so many job opportunities provided in the industry, and it certainly gave me a deep insight into the industry, especially the procedures involved in the taking off of planes. It made me feel very interested in the industry and I will consider working in the industry in the future.
I have known more about the airport as well as the different kinds of job related to it. One of my dream jobs is to work in the airport but actually I didn’t really know what I would have to do if I worked in the airport. But from today’s visit I have learnt more types of work that I didn’t know before and more details about airplanes.
I think this was a wonderful experience because I could see how the entire aviation industry works, which I am very interested in. It was great to find out about the side of the airport normally unknown to the public. The guide on this tour was very nice and informative. Overall I like this visit a lot and I hope school provides more events like this.

Visit to Thei (Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong (Chai Wan Campus))

This was a memorables experience. I learned about different subjects and knowledge today, for example surveying and different kinds of design. I hope that there will be more chances to visit different schools and learn more about them.
Even though the disciplines that I visited weren’t the ones I am really interested in, I still managed to reflect on my possible career options. I am quite happy with the visit overall.

Admission Talk (Local & Overseas Studies)

iii. Summer Job Safety

Refer to the attached Guide. Be alert and cautious to avoid falling into employment traps.

(Download the pamphlet:


VI. Aptitude Test



VII. Useful links

Life Planning Information


Education Bureau – Designated Webpage for 2019/20 Secondary 6 Students





Concourse for Self-financing Post-secondary Education


Hong Kong Association of Careers Master and Guidance Masters


Hok Yau Club



VTC Occupation Dictionary

VTC 職業資料庫

Senior Secondary Education and Higher Education – New Academic Structure Web Bulletin


The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Group – DSE 27771122



VIII. Careers and Life Planning Teachers

Head of Careers and Life Planning: KWOK Wai Man Agnes

Team Members: CHAN Wing Cheong Edmond, CHEUNG Kit, CHUI Wai Shan Sarah, FUNG Cho Wing Cherry, LO Hiu Man Julie, NG Norman Daniele, PANG Ka Wai, POON Ka Chun Joe, WONG Chok Fai, YEUNG Pik Wah Patricia