School Introduction

For a better understanding of the school, you are strongly encouraged to take a look at Logos Academy in the media:

1. “香港華人基督教聯會真道書院 多元體驗式學習培育未來領袖”
An  article and a video published by HK01

專訪|香港華人基督教聯會真道書院 多元體驗式學習培育未來領袖 

 2. “學霸睇樓團”
A video published by HOY TV

3. “Big Big Channel: In Touch with DSS Schools – Logos Academy”
A video published by TVB

Our students finish primary and secondary education in 11 years. Despite their young age, our graduates achieve remarkable results both in HKDSE and IBDP exams. In 2023, for instance, (i) three HKDSE graduates study Medicine at The University of Hong Kong, (ii) the highest score of IBDP graduate gets an offer from Natural Science of the University of Cambridge, (iii) three graduates are awarded the Hong Kong Scholarship for Excellence Scheme to study in England and Canada and (iv) one graduate has awarded 全球華人傑出學生 by 香港高等教育協會聯同《亞洲週刊》to recognize her excellent ability and potential in technological innovation.

You may visit this webpage to find some of the top universities where you can find our Logosian graduates.