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Guidelines on Application for Foundation Stage One (Primary One) Admission 2019-2020

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Admission Criteria

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  1. All children who have the right of abode in Hong Kong and were born on or before 31 December 2013 are eligible to apply for admission to 2019-20 Foundation Stage One (FS1) of our school. Mechanism of School Net for Central Allocation does not apply to our school.
  2. The annual tuition fee for 2017-18 FS1 is currently at $26,040 and are collected in 10 instalments. Adjustments on tuition fees for 2018-19, a proposed rise of about 9.8%, will be processed according to the procedures stipulated by the Education Bureau. Eligible families may apply for fee remission through the Fee Remission Scheme of the school (including those from families receiving the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) and students receiving financial assistance provided by the Student Finance Office (SFO)). All applications will be kept confidential and will not be used as parts of criteria in the selection process. Detailed information can be found in the document “Guidance Notes on Application Form for Assessment of Eligibility Fee Remission” from the school website ( Please also refer to Appendix.
    For enquiries, please contact our General Office at 2337 2126.
  3. Identical briefing sessions in Cantonese will be held on 14th and 21st Apr 2018. Please visit “News” of our school website for the updated information.
  4. Deadline for on-line submission of application is on 24th April, 2018.
  5. All applicants will be invited by electronic mail to participate in a group interview which will be held on 19th May or 26th May, 2018. Shortlisted applicants and their parents will be arranged for a second interview. Details of interview will be notified in due course. For admission criteria, please visit our school website.
  6. An application fee of HK$50 will be required. The confirmation email together with the demand note will be sent to you within 5 working days. Please make the payment at the 7-11 convenience stores in Hong Kong.
  7. In 2019-20, we plan to have six classes in FS1. Successful applicants who decide to accept our admission offers will not be allocated any Primary One place through the EDB’s Primary One Admission System. For school information, please visit the school website:



Determination of eligibility and the Level of Fee Assistance

Our school will use the “Adjusted Family Income” (AFI) mechanism as a means test to assess the eligibility of a family for student financial assistance and its assistance level. The AFI mechanism is based on the following formula:

AFI = Gross annual income of the family
(Number of family member + 1)


Gross annual income of the family includes the annual income of applicant and his/her spouse; 30% of the annual income of unmarried child/children residing with the family if applicable; and the contribution from relatives/friends if applicable.

Details can be referred to the Guidance Notes on Application Form for Assessment of Eligibility Fee Remission via

The AFI eligibility benchmarks for various levels of assistance in the 2017-18 school years are listed in the table below :

AFI Groups between (HK$)

Level of Fee Assistance

$0 – $50,000


$50,001 – $80,000


> $80,000


Example 1: A family of 4 members includes the applicant, his/her spouse, unmarried child/children residing with the family and a daughter studying in secondary school.


Annual income of the applicant $ 120,000


Annual income of his/her spouse’s $ 98,000


Annual income of unmarried child/children residing with the family $ 72,000


The contribution from relatives/friends $ 10,000

AFI = ($ 120,000 + $ 98,000 + $ 72,000 × 30% + $ 10,000) ÷ (4 + 1) = $ 49,920.


Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Example 4

Annual income of the applicant





Annual income of his/her spouse’s


$ 0



Annual income of unmarried children


(× 30%)

$ 0

$ 0

$ 0

Contribution from relatives/friends


$ 0

$ 0

$ 0

Number of family members

4 members

3 members

(single-parent family)

3 members

4 members






Level of Fee Assistance





Remark 1: The member of a family normally refer to the applicant, his/her spouse, unmarried child/children residing with the family and the dependent parent(s) who are supported by the applicant and/or his/her spouse.

Remark 2: The contribution from relatives/friends means the contribution from the applicant or his/her spouse’s dependent parent(s) / grandparent(s) / brother / sister / friends, etc. (including money or contribution of housing / water / electricity / gas or other living expenses.