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Dr Paul Cho, Principal, graduated from Hong Kong Baptist College with Distinction in the Honors Diploma Program in 1984. He furthered his studies in the subsequent years, and was awarded Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Hong Kong University, with Distinction), Master of Science Diploma (University of Oklahoma) and Doctor of Philosophy Diploma (University of California).

Although Dr Cho held positions as Assistant Professor and Senior Administrator in two local universities, he was enthusiastic in middle school teaching in the early years. In 1981, he founded a summer school to serve underprivileged students studying Form 1 to Form 5.

At the end of 2001, he was invited by Principal Yau (Founding Principal of HKCCCU Logos Academy) to design and implement a science program for the forthcoming Direct Subsidy Scheme (DSS) through-train school, HKCCCU Logos Academy. Since then, he has been working closely with other founding colleagues to strive to realize the ideals of Logos. Throughout the past 15 years, Dr Cho has taught students of almost every level, and is privileged to look at issues from the viewpoints of both teachers and administrators.

HKCCCU Logos Academy is a uniquely endowed school. Many teachers are believers, dedicated educators, and this influences the way they teach and build relationship with students. We have very strong support from our splendid parents, who embrace the genuine spirit of home-school partnership.

The challenge ahead is taking the Academy to grow from strength to strength. We will put stronger emphases on Character Building, Academic Vigor and Nurturing of Leadership. With these, it remains as our ideal that we prepare our students as future servant leaders as reflected in a balanced blend of character, knowledge, skills and value.

The school will continue to improve toward a more open and transparent manner, taking consideration of parents’ suggestions and advice so that the school and parents will work closely together to provide quality education to our students.